16-17 April 2015 – LJUBLJANA
16-17 April 2015 – LJUBLJANA


The 1st Workshop of COST TU1404 Action entitled (“Focus on experimental testing of cement based materials”) will be organized at University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, (UL-FGG) Slovenia in 16-17 April 2015.


The Workshop will be mainly focused on specific tasks related to Round Robin Testing (RRT) organized within WorkGroup1 of COST TU1404 Action. The following main objectives of the Workshop can be therefore highlighted:

  • to make a scientific discussion on the proposed plan of RRT procedure, called “Call for Participants” and to allow RRT participants to provide their own comments/suggestions;
  • to define of all the activities together with a detailed time schedule necessary to adequately start with the RRT procedure (i.e. to define transportation logistics, amount of basic materials that need to be transported to specific laboratory, etc.);
  • to present the leaders of Group Priorities (GPs) of WG1 and to allow them to express their ideas, demands, strategies, and expectations related to their GP in the form of short presentations;
  • to allow other RRT participants to present some contributions relevant for a specific GP (e.g. their experiences related to previous RRT programs, etc.);
  • to present expectations of WG2 and WG3 members related to the results of RRT;
  • to invite relevant speakers not included in COST TU1404 Action – invited speakers;
  • to allow the participants (i.e. members of RRT) to present themselves, their organizations, their scientific work and contributions;
  • to get acquainted with other RRT participants and WG members, etc.

The programme of the Workshop includes several presentation sections related to the WG’s of the Action (particular focus on WG1), invited speakers, and poster sessions. A detailed programme is provided in the booklet of the Workshop.


The Workshop is mainly dedicated to the relevant members of COST TU1404 Action, specifically to the participants of RRT. However, other participants and sympathisers are also encouraged to register for the Workshop and contribute to a successful achievement of the Workshop’s objectives.

All the participants are kindly asked to use an online Registration Form. The registration should be performed by March, 15th, 2015. However, early registration is highly appreciated and is also important to get a potential reimbursement by COST Association.


COST organization provides certain amount of financial means for organizing such meetings. An estimated budget of 700 EUR per person allows approximately 55 participants to be reimbursed. This includes for example accommodation costs, meals, transport expenses, etc. For more information about travel reimbursement request please visit the following webpage.

Since Core Group of the Action, GP leaders, and invited speakers are automatically included, a limited number of other participants will be reimbursed due to the limited financial means provided by COST Association. Remaining seats for reimbursement will be given to highly suitable applicants and early applications will be treated preferential.


All the participants are expected to actively participate to the Workshop by preparing the following two kinds of posters:

  • poster 1: Institution description
  • poster 2: Research related poster

Instructions for preparing posters can be found in the booklet and the corresponding template can be downloaded here. Moreover, invited participants are expected to prepare presentations related to their specific functions in the RRT programme. Instructions for preparing presentations can be found in the booklet , and the corresponding template can be downloaded here.

A special award will be given to the best research oriented poster (type 2) and two honorary awards will also be issued.

Location of the Workshop

The 1st Workshop of COST TU1404 Action will be organized at University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, (UL-FGG) Slovenia.


Local organizers suggest to use City Hotel for accommodations. Several rooms with special price will be available for the participants through following this link, which is only available until 17th March. The hotel is located in downtown and is only 20 minutes walking distance to the workshop location (UL-FGG). Until March 9th 2015 additional rooms (only single) were reserved also in Best Western Premier Slon Hotel Please use the following reservation form for reservations.

The participants can also use other hotels if relevant.

How to get to FGG?

From Slovenian National Airport Jože Pučnik

FGG is located in a heart of Ljubljana, which is approximately 30 km away from Slovenian national Airport Jože Pučnik. If possible, the participants are encouraged to use public transport due to the COST reimbursement rules. Numerous public transportation connections are available from the airport to the heart of Ljubljana. Bus (approx. 4 EUR/person for one direction) or shuttle (approx. 9 EUR/person for one direction) are preferable options which can be easily reimbursed but the pasangers can also use taxi (approx. 25 EUR for one direction) in the case of early/late arrivals/departures.


From Other nearby Airports

Graz AirPort is a minor international airport in Graz, the second-largest city in Austria. It is located in the municipalities of Feldkirchen and Kalsdorf, 5 NM (9.3 km; 5.8 mi) south of Graz city centre and mainly serves flights to European leisure and some metropolitan destinations. Graz is approximately 200 km away from Ljubljana (around 2 – 2.5 hours by car or bus). It is also possible to travel by train to Ljubljana, which costs approximately 20 EUR/person.

From Venice Airport

Venice Marco Polo Airport is an international airport located on the Italian mainland 8 km north of Venice, in Tessera, a Frazione of the Comune of Venice nearest to Mestre. Venice is approximately 180 km away from Ljubljana (around 2-2.5 hours by car or bus). It is also possible to travel by train to Ljubljana, which costs approximately 22 EUR/person.