The 2nd workshop of the Action with focus on Modeling of Cement Based Materials and Structures took place on 19-20 September 2015 in Vienna, Austria. The workshop was hosted at TU Vienna and was organized by Mateusz Wyrzykowski, Farid Benboudjema, Bernhard Pichler and Dirk Schlicke. In addition to the scientific activities, the 2nd MC meeting of the Action took place during the workshop (20 September 2015).

The workshop offered an opportunity to learn and exchange experience about the most recent developments in modelling of cement-based materials and discuss the next activities of the WG2 and interactions with the other WGs. 77 participants (63 reimbursed by the COST Action) from 27 countries took part in the workshop. 24 presentations devoted to different aspects of modelling of cement-based materials were presented. In addition, 5 presentations devoted to the activities of WG1 and WG3 were given. In addition to discussions following each presentation, the summary of the workshop and discussion of the future activities within WG2 took place during an additional open discussion session (1h 45 min).


The 2nd workshop has several objectives related to WG2.

  • to promote scientific discussion on the modelling activities, models development, etc. between the members of the Action as well as with the invited external participants;
  • to integrate the modelling community within the Action;
  • to discuss further developments leading to recommendations/guidelines in collaboration with WG3;
  • to share ideas and extend the contents of the simple benchmarking campaign;
  • to discuss and define a draft of benchmarking activities related to the experimental results of WG1;
  • to discuss and define benchmarking activities related to case studies.
Program of the meeting and abstracts of presentations are available in the booklet of abstracts. Presentations are available in the e-book .