14 – 16 March 2016 - ZAGREB
14 – 16 March 2016 - ZAGREB


The meeting of the WG1 and WG2 of the Cost Action took place on 14th, 15th and 16thof March 2016 in Zagreb, Croatia. The meeting was hosted by University of Zagreb, Faculty of Civil Engineering and was organized by Ivan Gabrijel, Department of Materials, Faculty of Civil Engineering, in coordination with Marijana Serdar (WG1) and Farid Benboudjema (WG2). 68 Participants (58 with reimbursement) from 22 countries took part in the meeting.

The meeting of WG1 was held on 14th and 15th, whereas the meeting of WG2 was held during 15th and 16th March. Two invited lecturers, Frank Winnefeld (EMPA) and Christian La Borderie (SIAME UPPA) opened the meeting on 15th March.


The meeting of WG1 was focused on the specific tasks under each group priority (GP) field. At the time of the meeting the Initial phase of round robin testing programme (RRT+) was finished so an overview of the results obtained in the initial experimental phase was given. GP leaders presented plans for future experimental activities which were discussed with representatives from laboratories involved in RRT+ testing programme. Inputs from participants involved in activities within WG2 about where to focus in experimental programme were also given. Within the WG2 meeting current status of the different stages of benchmarking activities was presented and discussed. Each WG meeting was concluded presenting potential outputs of WG1 and WG2 for WG3.


Presentations from the meeting are available on the following link.