The inclusion of further partners of currently participating COST Countries, or from other countries from within or outside the COST Network is welcome and strongly encouraged during the entire duration of the Action.

In case you are interested in joining the Action, please contact directly the leadership of the Workgroup (WG) in which you wish to integrate. The list of leaders can be found HERE.

In such manifestation of interest you are kindly asked to provide information about

- your organization/institution
- scientific background and
- scientific points you wish to work in the context of the WG's.

Furthermore, please name already the group priorities (GP) you wish to be involved. A detailed list of the GP's of each WG can be found in the WG tab of this website.

Please note that a participation in some GP's is subjected to deadlines. In particular this regards mainly the experimental testing programme of WG1 and the numerical benchmarking of WG2. The tentative deadlines can be found  HERE  .

As soon as you are integrated in one or more WGs, your membership information will be handled by Dr. Dirk Schlicke (General Secretary of the Action).

In case of any general question do not hesitate to send an e-mail to: