The last conference of COST Action TU1404 is named ‘SynerCrete’18 – Interdisciplinary approaches for cement-based materials and structural concrete: synergyzing expertise and bridging scales of space and time’.

The conference will be held in the city of Funchal in Madeira (Portugal), at Hotel Pestana Casino Park, which is very convenient and well equipped for conferences in terms of facilities, transportation and proximity to other hotels.

The dates of the conference are 24-26 October 2018.

For more information, visit the dedicated website of the conference: www.synercrete.com

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The leaflet of the conference can be downloaded in this link.


Understanding the complex behaviour of cement-based materials (CBM) and structural concrete during their entire lifecycle demands that researchers transcend approaches based on a single discipline. Interdisciplinary work is known, however, to bring important challenges in the view of the need to combine approaches and methods that are very distinct by nature, as well as enabling adequate communication between scientific fields with different (sometimes conflicting) terminologies, different perspectives and different collaboration practices/dynamics.

COST Action TU1404 “Towards the next generation of standards for service life of cement-based materials and structures” has had a strong interdisciplinary focus since its beginning, back in November 2014. This final conference of the Action is precisely focused on interdisciplinary approaches to CBM and structural concrete. Indeed, COST Action TU1404 has brought about significant interdisciplinary collaboration, mostly between material scientists and structural engineers, with involvement of several other disciplines. Bridging between experts in experimental work and experts in numerical simulation has also been a strong focus.

This conference is open to all interested members of the scientific/practising community, regardless of having participated in COST Action TU1404 or not. The focus of the conference is set to communicating, discussing and arousing progresses in research, development and application of CBM and Structural Concrete, which have been attained through combination of expertise from distinct fields of knowledge. Exciting fields of research such as performance-based design, 3D modelling for analysis/design, Building Information Modelling and even robotics (e.g. digital fabrication or robotics design) are included, while keeping focus on multi-scale approaches at time and spatial levels. Specific attention should be also paid to the challenges that are inherent to the combination of different expertises, and the ways through which better management and research collaboration can be achieved in interdisciplinary research projects.

The conference will consist of lectures by researchers and other professionals from a variety of scientific disciplines in works targeted to CBM and Structural Concrete, as well as a selected panel of invited speakers. The conference is intended for researchers and practitioners at any career level who have interest in deepening knowledge on the targeted subjects.


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The conference is established as a final discussion around COST Action TU1404, which is centred in early age behaviour and its interaction with service life of cement-based materials and structures.

A strong focus is given to interdisciplinary approaches and towards new exciting fields of research that inherently require collaborative work among scientific disciplines. Therefore, in view of this global reasoning the following set of sub-topics is envisaged:

  • Concrete technology and advanced material testing
  • Multi-scale in time and space modelling and experiments
  • Multi-physics simulation and structural design
  • BIM and structural concrete
  • Robotics and cement-based materials
  • Digital fabrication
  • On-site monitoring and structural condition assessment
  • Scientific insights vs. standardization
  • New materials : bio-based, geopolymers and alkali-activated materials
  • Fibre-reinforced concrete and non-metallic reinforcement
Abstract due: 23rd March 2018
Acceptance of abstracts: 4th April 2018
Full manuscript due: 22nd May 2018
Acceptance of full manuscript: 29th June 2018
Early bird registration: 12th July 2018
Final manuscript due: 12th July 2018

Abstract submission is not open yet. The submission process will be opened in 6th November 2017. Please look for the template and submission platform in the website of the conference.


COST organization provides a certain amount of financial means for organizing such conference. An estimated budget of 863 EUR per person will allow more than 60 participants to be reimbursed. This includes the accommodation costs, the meals, transport expenses, etc. The rules of COST Vademecum need to be observed.

The selection of eligible COST members for reimbursement will involve several criteria, among which authorship of submitted contributions (and compliance to the dates of submission) will be a fundamental parameter.

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