In case of any questions, comments and/or suggestions, all the participants as well as other candidates are highly encouraged to contact the organization team listed in the table below.

Name, Surname Function Contacts
Miguel Azenha (PT)
Stéphanie Staquet (BE)
Action Chair
Action Vice-Chair
Dirk Schlicke (AT) General Secretary
Gregor Trtnik (SLO)
Marijana Serdar (CRO)
Sreejith Nanukuttan (GB)
Leader of WG1
Co-leader of WG1
Co-leader of WG1
Ivan Gabrijel (CRO)
Ozlem Cizer (BE)
Sreejith Nanukuttan (GB)
Violeta B. Bosiljkov (SLO)
Bernhard Pichler (AUT)
Emmanuel Rozière (FR)
Aljoša Šajna (SLO)
Theodore Matikas (GR)
Leader of GP1a
Leader of GP1b
Leader of GP1c
Leader of GP1d
Leader of GP1d
Leader of GP1e
Leader of GP1f
Leader of GP1f